BJU adjusts class dress code, introduces business casual

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September 28, 2018
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September 28, 2018

BJU adjusts class dress code, introduces business casual

The change to business casual allows students greater options in clothing choices. Photo: Hal Cook/BJU Marketing

Over the summer, BJU announced that it had switched its class dress code to business casual and had made a few changes to casual attire. 

While the switches haven’t changed much for men students, women may now wear pants to class. Abby Davis, a culinary arts junior, thought the move was a good decision by BJU. “I look at this as just another way [BJU] is preparing us for our future,” Davis said.  “In the workforce today, business casual is typically the standard, so I am happy to be implementing this into my daily routine in preparation for my future.”

Molly Wilson, a junior journalism and mass communication major, said the change hadn’t really affected her.“It really hasn’t bothered me because I like wearing skirts,” Wilson said. “I have one pair of pants.” 

Victoria Vaughan, a sophomore criminal justice major, said, “I haven’t worn pants.” On the other hand, Amanda Francis, an English education major, said, “I haven’t worn a skirt yet.” 

Ali Zimmer, a sophomore, said she thinks the change in dress code is a very good improvement. “I still really enjoy wearing my skirts, but I think it’s really nice to have pants,” she said.

Jessica Lovely, an English education major, echoed this sentiment.“It hasn’t really affected me that much except for the fact that on windy days it’s good to be able to wear pants,” she said. 

Pablo Rivera, a Christian ministries major, said, “I feel like it’s a good change.” He admitted that he was skeptical at first. “But it’s definitely turned out to be better than I thought it would be.”Rivera said it will all depend on the students and if they meet the expectations of the new changes. 

Carlos Santana, a senior computer science major, said the change hasn’t really changed the atmosphere around BJU.“Bob Jones will always be Bob Jones, regardless of what people wear to class,” he said.However, Santana said the switch is beneficial because it’s what the business world uses.He also likes the fact that sandals are now a part of casual dress. 

Justin Howell, a sophomore information technology major, said, “I think this is a good step forward.” 

Most students seem to enjoy the flexibility the switch brings to their weekly routine.Racheal Grady, a junior cinema major, said, “I enjoy that there is an option.”