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October 19, 2018
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October 25, 2018

God of All Nations’ Chapel

Yesterday’s student body chapel focused on beauty in diversity, unity in Christ and the sovereignty of God. The title of this program was “God of All Nations”—a title appropriate for the chapel’s international, multilingual theme.

Ian Dyke, Student Leadership Council communications director, said student leaders specifically chose “God of All Nations” and the global theme because it reflects BJU’s student body. “BJU students come from over 40 countries,” Dyke said. “Through this chapel the Student Leadership Council wants to recognize the beauty in that diversity while also recognizing that we are united by one Gospel, one Savior and one God—the God of all nations.”

Jessica Keck, a senior English Education major from the U.S., said international-themed chapels like this one help students realize they are all one in Christ. “Christ is the thread that ties our student body together, and it’s important to see how God is working around the world through his gospel,” she said. “Highlighting other cultures can help international students feel more at home and can help open the eyes of American students to a world outside their Christian bubble.”

Brigitta Daswani, designer for the SLC communications team, is from Hong Kong and designed the visuals for this student body chapel. She said platforms like this not only help people recognize international students and their homes but they remind people that all nations are equal. “There isn’t one superior culture,” she said. “Each culture is unique in itself, and there’s something to learn from each culture. Events like ‘God of All Nations’ roll up the gates in our hearts to let other cultures enter into our lives.”

Daswani said that, most importantly, events like this student body chapel serve as a reminder that all nations are loved by God. “We are all saved by the same grace, and we should care about all people,” she said.