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December 6, 2018
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December 6, 2018

Student body program to host holiday-themed games

At the end of every semester before exams, BJU students attend a special student body program, coordinated and run by other BJU students. This year’s student body program will be set up as a game show with game hosts, a fun Christmas theme and friendly competition.

Tori Conover, women’s student body president and the main coordinator for the program, said the game show idea is not exactly modeled after any currently broadcasted game show like “Jeopardy” or “Wheel of Fortune.” Conover said students can look forward to being a part of the program. “Any student from the audience can get involved because of the way it’s set up,” she said. She said she did not want to give away anything else because she wants many aspects of the show to be a surprise to the student body.

Matthew Weathers, student leadership coordinator, said this student body program will be different from past programs. “Rather than being a play or series of skits, this student body program will involve games and fun competitions that students will enjoy,” he said. “There are also a few surprises in the program that students will definitely enjoy.” Weathers said he is excited for students to enjoy an opportunity to relax and take their minds away from final exams for a few minutes.

Drew Williquette, ISC director, said the idea of the game show is based on certain type of games that certain people in the student body will relate to because of the context from which it was taken. Williquette said he is excited for the overall surprise factor. “Because students don’t know exactly what is to be expected, I think they will really have fun with this program,” he said. “I’ve played it before and it is a lot of fun.”

Students should be ready for what looks like a unique and exciting student body program this year.