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January 31, 2019
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M. Judson Booksellers offers books, sweets, coffee, and a relaxing atmosphere, Greenville, SC, January 26, 2018. (Robby Jorgensen)

M. Judson’s Booksellers, located at 130 S. Main St., features a cozy bookstore and café inside the same building, making it an enjoyable weekend retreat for bibliophiles and coffee enthusiasts alike.

M. Judson’s neoclassical external architecture gives it an almost museum-like appearance, particularly due to the columns and steps in the front. Its central location in down- town Greenville not far from Falls Park makes it an easy place to walk in off the street and browse.

The interior of the store is relatively small but is arranged in a way that does not feel cramped. Merchandise is spread across shelves and tables around the shop and organized by theme or topic. Several windows overlooking the brick alley to the right of the building provide light and warmth.

The shop also contains some interesting reading-themed decoration. Perhaps the most noticeable example of this is the bookstore’s counter, which is made of classic books tightly packed together in a bookshelf-collage of sorts.

Despite the limited space inside, the bookstore boasts an impressive selection, including literary classics, current bestsellers, cookbooks, books on local history and more. M. Judson also sells a variety of small gift and accessory items, such as pencil cases, pens, bowties, keychains, and more.

There is also a children’s reading room in the back of the store, featuring children’s books, stuffed animals, and small toys.

The café features a traditional selection of hot beverages, including tea, cappuccinos, lattes and more as well as a selection of pastries and baked goods.

Several tables with two-to-four chairs each stand close to the café counter so that guests may sit to study or enjoy their drinks and pastries. The shop also has three or four comfort- able armchairs dotted around it for patrons to sit down with a book.

The shop is just under three miles from campus, about a 10-minute drive. Street parking can be found on Nearby Court Street, and the Richardson Street garage and the West Washington parking deck both offer free parking on the weekends as well.