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October 17, 2019
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Alumni Profile: Jeremiah Dew

If you have ever been to a Greenville Drive baseball game, Transformation 5K or Clemson basketball game, then you have probably heard the booming voice of emcee, entertainer and entrepreneur extraordinaire, Jeremiah Dew.

Jeremiah Dew, more commonly known as JDew, graduated from Bob Jones University in December 2007 with a degree in mass media and a minor in broadcast journalism. JDew said he enjoys a successful work life and fulfilling personal life, and he believes that his time at the University helped to prepare him for both.

Professionally, JDew says a large factor in how well he is able to work in team settings today is based on the group work he did in his media and speech classes. He says understanding the roles of each team member greatly increases the effectiveness of the whole team’s communication.

The work he does now is an “extension of foundation work” he learned while getting his degree. JDew explains his job using three E’s: emcee, entertainer, entrepreneur.

Jeremiah appears at Clemson University as the “on-court hype man” for men’s and women’s basketball games as well as event host for organizations like Imagine Upstate, United Ministries, Ronald McDonald House and the NCAA. He explains the entrepreneurial side of his work as “making something out of nothing.”

His newest entrepreneurial venture, The Cash Compound, is an education platform that  helps “re-train your thinking about how money really can work for you, teaching the best ways to keep it moving, and to never lose its power while you use it.” JDew is joined in this venture by his brother, Jonah Dew. JDew is connected to over 50 organizations and believes the number one thing making him successful is his ability to be proactive about opportunities.

He also advised learning to communicate with people electronically. “No matter what you’re doing, learn how to send a good email,” he said. “Say thank you; be on time.” JDew said the University prepared him in his personal life by teaching him how to serve God. “The most important thing is to have a personal conviction and personal walk with God,” he said.  For students leaving the religious environment of BJU and entering the secular workplace, JDew suggested focusing on asking God for wisdom and clarity.

“Be able to decipher between the good, better and best options; be convicted; walk with God; ask for clarity,” he said. He used the example of the prophet Samuel choosing one of Jesse’s sons to be King of Israel.

“All of the sons looked good, but Samuel could have picked the wrong one because God just wanted David,” JDew said. “There are a lot of things that look good out there . . . but there is probably only one best answer for you, and you’re not going to be able to choose the right one without God’s clarity.” JDew and his wife Sydney, also a BJU graduate, live in Greenville.

They have three children, and their newest addition to the “adventure squad” was born on Sept. 25. If you’d like to experience JDew’s energy and see his expertise at work, he will be in Stratton Hall on Feb. 29 performing One Voice: A Black History Narrative.

Included in this one-man show are JDew’s portrayal of characters like Dr. Martin Luther King and Barack Obama as well as videos that share African American stories from the Upstate.