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December 12, 2019
December 12, 2019

Alumni spotlight: Scott Wigginton

Greyrock Accounting and Financial Reporting is an outsource CFO accounting firm in downtown Greenville. The president and CEO of Greyrock is 1996 Bob Jones University graduate, Scott Wigginton. 

Greyrock’s 25 employees are responsible for the accounting and financial reporting, financial stratagy and analysis, tax services and payroll administration for 150 companies both locally and regionally including the NCCAA, Two Men and a Truck and Oobē Apparel Design Group. 

Wigginton believes that his time at Bob Jones University prepared him for his career and his personal life in similar ways.  “From the actual classes I took to the life lessons I was taught, I learned overall how to do my job well and how to love people,” he said. “The greatest skill I learned was how to form strong relationships.” 

Wigginton credits the Christian community at Bob Jones University for his understanding of the importance of incorporating the love of Christ into every aspect of his life, especially his company. 

Wigginton encourages Christians to be intentional about how they show their faith in the secular workplace. “I learned to build the love of Christ within the company,” he said. “When you care about people first and foremost, regardless of their personal beliefs, they see and appreciate that.” 

Wigginton believes that an important part of working in a secular environment and living as a Christian in a fallen world is ensuring that he remains strong in his faith.  He explains that in order to treat people in a Christlike way, one must first be Christlike. “More than just the technical skills that I learned while at the University, I was taught that caring about people was more important than anything else,” he said. 

Wigginton’s advice to current students follows the same theme he pushes toward in his business and personal life. “Understand that building relationships and caring about people is just as important as all the technical skills you will learn,” he said. 

Wigginton and his wife have two daughters—Ashelyn, a sophomore interior architecture and design major at Bob Jones University, and McKenna, a junior at Bob Jones Academy.