December 12, 2019
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December 12, 2019

Student Spotlight: Jan-David Green

David Plays for a Rugby team in the community at BJU, Greenville SC, November 12, 2019

Jan-David Green, a freshman premed major, found his way to Bob Jones University from Zimbabwe. Green grew up on a farm in Zimbabwe with his parents, two older sisters and two younger sisters. When the government started taking over private farms in the early 2000s, Green’s father lost his farm. 

“I grew up with a lot of shortages and difficulty getting things,” Green said. “I think it’s taught me well to make plans and be content with what I have.” Green’s father now works in Zambia, where he lives with the two youngest children. 

Green was interested in medicine from early on in his academic life. Green said this fascination started when he studied biology and human anatomy in his early teens.

“I’m someone who really likes to keep training and expanding and learning, and I love a challenge. The medical field is a great place to get both of those things,” Green said. He took basic paramedic and intermediate EMT training in Zimbabwe in preparation for a career in medicine. He worked as an ambulance driver and a member of an ambulance ride-on crew. 

Green eventually also worked with helicopter and remote rescue teams and participated in search and rescue operations in the bush of Zimbabwe. After being rejected by several European colleges that were not willing to accept his homeschooling, Green eventually decided to enroll in Bob Jones University and travel to Greenville.

Green has a significant interest in sports and is a skilled athlete. Since he grew up in the former British territory of Zambia, the sports he plays differ from the ones that are most popular in the U.S.  Green played cricket during high school. When he finished high school and started training as a paramedic, he began playing rugby.

Since Bob Jones University does not have a rugby team, Green looked for other opportunities to play rugby in the Greenville area and found the Greenville Gryphons. He attended one of the Gryphons’ practices and was offered a spot on the team. He began playing for them a few weeks later. Green said that he likes the Bob Jones University campus and enjoys society activities. 

He also said he greatly appreciates the University’s faculty. “They’re very engaging, and they’re concerned about you as a person,” Green said. Green said he’s had some difficulty growing accustomed to American weather, lifestyle and food.  “I don’t know why you guys sweeten everything so much,” Green said. “Everything’s either sweetened or deep-fried,” he said.

Climate and culinary difficulties aside, Green looks forward to seeing what he’ll learn next academically and spiritually.