February is a time to reflect
February 13, 2020
Schools around the world offer job opportunities to BJU students
February 13, 2020


Where am I supposed to be? 

This is a big question that many people have coming into college, and I was among them. My brother majored in mechanical engineering. My sister majored in criminal justice. 

And then there was me—not good at math, not great with criminals.  

So since I did not know what I wanted to study yet, my parents told me to major in business administration, which was not exactly my passion. I hoped to minor in something I enjoyed, so I scheduled a piano audition that I was very anxious about. 

Freshmen orientation arrived, and I was in a panic. As I was making my course schedule, I remember telling my adviser a thousand times not to give me too many major classes because I was going to switch as soon as possible.

The next day, I went in for my piano audition—which I was ridiculously nervous about—and promptly failed. After the audition, I was so disappointed. I thought the one thing that I could have studied for myself in college was not a possibility, at least not that semester.  

I felt so uncertain of my abilities, my future and myself. But that is where God needed me to start so that He could show me who and what I could be certain of. I remember all the stress just culminating, and I eventually asked God to guide me to where He needed me to be. That is all it took. 

I called my sister Savvy, and after I explained the situation, she told me about a major she thought I would enjoy: journalism and mass communication. The major taught you how to tell news stories through writing, video and radio. I had always loved all those things, but I never thought I could major in them until Savvy told me how I could do it through the framework of the news industry. 

I went to a meeting that was an introduction to the major in journalism and mass communication. This is where I met some of the major’s faculty: David Lurtey, Kathryn Gamet and Betty Solomon. They were all so kind and knowledgeable about the different elements of the major that I felt 10 times as confident as I originally did about choosing the major. I quickly changed my course schedule and made it official: I was a journalism and mass communication major.

Now, I am so thankful I was so uncertain. I am thankful that I failed that audition. I would have never run to God if I had felt even an ounce of confidence that I could find my way by myself. He had to humble me and show me that if I run to Him, He will place me where I am supposed to be.