October 16, 2020
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October 23, 2020

Health Sciences panel to discuss transgenderism in healthcare

The BJU Health Sciences Association will host a panel discussion on the issue of transgenderism on Oct. 22 in Levinson Hall at 7 pm.

The panel consists of Dr. Mark Chetta, Division of Health Sciences faculty member, Dr. Valerie Peterson, Division of Nursing faculty member, Dr. Hannah Benge, Division of health sciences faculty member and Dr. Ted Miller, Division of Biblical Studies and Theology faculty member. Each member of the panel will address various aspects of transgenderism from both biblical and scientific standpoints.

The audience will have the opportunity to submit questions via survey prior to the event. The panel will discuss submitted questions as well as questions the members themselves prepared to generate discussion. The panel discussion is expected to go until 8:30 p.m.

“For children and teenagers who struggle with transgender incongruity, left to themselves, 88 percent of girls and 98 percent of boys will end up identifying with their biological sex,” Chetta said. “This is an issue being driven by socio-political pressure and not by biological science, and I hope to demonstrate that.”

President of the HSA Abigail Leaman said this event is practical for everyone, but especially those going into the health care field. Leaman said an example of a possible issue that could arise in the health care field regarding this topic would be if a speech pathologist was asked to provide therapy to help an individual change his voice from male to female or vice versa. Since this is not a life and death situation, the speech pathologist would not be legally obligated to oblige and would need to make a decision on this from an ethical standpoint.

“Transgenderism is a legitimate mental issue that people struggle with . . . that Satan is using right now in some people’s lives to draw them away,” Leaman said. The topic of transgenderism should be treated with sensitivity and compassion, Leaman said.

Chetta said he wants those who attend the panel discussion to come away with a biblical worldview instead of a global worldview. “We need to fall on the side of a biblical worldview and not capitulate to a secular worldview because it is not based on real science,” Chetta said. Chetta encourages students to come to this event as it will benefit a variety of majors and classifications across the board.

Students may submit questions prior to the event via this survey.