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March 26, 2021
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The Interior Architecture and Design Show

Senior Jenny Chung discusses her designs and display. Photo: Andrew Pledger

The Division of Art + Design showcased its annual Interior Architecture and Design Show “Converge,” displaying the diversified and visionary work of its senior students, on March 20 in the Sargent Art Building.

This year the show presented the works of 12 students, hence the name “Converge.” Laurilyn Hall, head of the design department, said, “The students realized they have such a diversity of passions, directions and career paths.” Hall said all the students took different directions with their projects, but in the show all of it converged into a cohesive whole. “It’s this idea of collaborating from different viewpoints with design,” Hall said. “You’ll see some elements that point to how very different perspectives on design can come together and make a unified whole.”

Brittany Annand. Photo: Andrew Pledger

Hall said the program is split into two concentrations, residential and commercial interior design. Brittany Annand, a senior architecture and design major whose work was presented in the show, is a residential interior design concentration. “I switched from health science over to interior architecture and design,” Annand said. “I’ve always loved art and wanted a career where I could love what I’m doing.”

“Interior architecture and design is more than decorating,” Annand said. “We design the floor plans and learn how to work with walls and foundations.”

Annand is presenting her layout for the Bruins locker rooms for the volleyball and baseball teams. Annand plays on the Bruins volleyball team and was thrilled to connect that with interior architecture and design. Annand said she ultimately hopes the Athletic Department will use the specifications she developed for the layout of the locker rooms. “My goal is for [the Athletic Department] to use the specs in my design,” Annand said.

Annand’s plans after graduation are to start her own interior design business. “I love that I can actually make people happy by designing their dream space,” Annand said.

Macey Hotchkin, also in the architecture and design show, said the show held very diverse design styles. Macey said she has always been into art. “I’m a very artistic, project-orientated and hands-on person,” Hotchkin said. “I’ve always enjoyed reading and looking through the interior design magazines.”

The following students participated in the show: Brittany Annand, Taylor Bott, Drew Bullock, Johanna Burcham, Abigail Burgess, Jenny Chung, David Ferris, Macey Hotchkin, Renai Pesho, Tyler Rose, Justin Woodham and David Woods.