Holiday tradition returns to culinary arts program
December 13, 2021
December 13, 2021

Red Room remodeled, renamed

The old Red Room, pictured here during a Bruins men's soccer banquet in 2012, was renovated this year to make the space more accessible for student organizations to rent.
Photos: (left) Jim Block (right) Andrew Pledger

The dining common’s Red Room has been renamed College Point and is undergoing renovations this semester to make it a more pleasing environment for on-campus meetings.

Laurilyn Hall, a faculty member in the Division of Art+Design, has been involved in renovating the room, paying tribute to her father Tim Davis and grandfather Fred Davis, who served in the dining common for a combined nearly 60 years.

“[The renovations] were a little more personal to me as my father and grandfather both spent many years directing operations at the dining common,” Hall said. “It was very special to work in these spaces again and refresh their ambience so that they continue to function well as gathering places that build community around the table, which is ultimately what they are for.”

The new name is a tribute to College Point, the property where the original Bob Jones College was founded. The room will no longer be red, with updates planned to make the room BJU-themed blue combined with neutral tones and an updated art theme.

The room can be rented by students through the Events Office for on-campus meetings