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September 30, 2022
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September 30, 2022

Alumni Building gets furniture upgrade

Students remove old furniture from the Alumni Building. The used furinture will go to help educational efforts in West Africa. Photo: Jordyn Britton

Several rooms in the Alumni Building received a furniture upgrade on Sept. 14-15, with new chairs and tables replacing older furniture. Seven classrooms received new furniture, while two other classrooms will use some repurposed furniture.

“While the residence hall projects were underway this summer and more of the funds were devoted to that, at the same time, there’s a de- sire to improve the learning facilities,” said David Fisher, vice provost for academic administration at Bob Jones University. “The best way to make an immediate impact for the students was to improve where they are during many hours of the day.”

The used chairs and desks that were replaced are being stored and will be donated to a project sponsored by the Center for Community and Global Health. The School of Health Professions is partnering with Christian nonprofit organizations in West Africa, and the replaced furniture will be donated for them to use in furthering their humanitarian efforts.

Student help also played an important role in completing the project, with several students volunteering to help the facilities department with the transition. “The project could not have been really facilitated in the installation without student volunteer help,” Fisher said.