March 15, 2019

Matzkos travel US as BJU’s Science Ambassadors

At the beginning of this academic year, Dr. George Matzko, who taught on the science faculty at BJU for 39 years, along with his wife, Darlene, […]
March 14, 2019

College students and sleep

Sleep. It’s a foreign word to some college students, as classes, work, friends, church and a multitude of other activities fill our precious 24 hours a […]
February 28, 2019

Talented youth, higher authority and Nicolas Bourbaki

Think over this quote. “Talented youth, unconstrained by higher authority, is a powerful force.” What do you think? At first glance, it sounds a bit revolutionary, […]
February 21, 2019

7 professors confess side hobbies you won’t believe (number 6 will shock you)

Have you ever run across a click-bait headline like the one above? If you have ever used the Internet, then chances are high that you’ve run […]
February 14, 2019

Responding to our country’s polarization

The United States recently witnessed the longest government shutdown in our history so far, and some of the effects were widespread. Government employees missed several paydays, […]
February 7, 2019

Revolutionizing the Pro-Life Movement

“We’ve killed 65 million since then,” Paul Isaacs, president of Save the Storks, said in chapel last week Tuesday. Isaacs was referring to the 1973 Roe […]
January 31, 2019

New: Opportunity or Obstacle?

New isn’t an unfamiliar word to anyone. Neither is experiencing something new; coming to college in the first place is something new. And while at college, […]
December 6, 2018

Celebrating Christmas even when it’s bittersweet

During this time of the year, people across the globe are preparing to celebrate the joy of the holiday season. For the most part, it’s a […]
December 6, 2018

BJU introduces residence hall summer housing program

Bob Jones University will begin opening two of its residence halls to students who are staying in Greenville for all or part of the summer. This […]
November 29, 2018

Different but the same: finding unity in diversity as Christians

Take a look around campus and you will see many diverse personalities, ethnicities, body types, and economic backgrounds. Modern culture teaches us to appreciate and celebrate […]
November 14, 2018

Do Black Friday deals diminish the sentiment of Thanksgiving?

The placement of Black Friday on our calendar is ironic. It falls right after Thanksgiving—the one day a year where we get to be especially intentional about […]
November 8, 2018

Find true satisfaction in God, not in the work you do

If you ask an artist if they feel like a piece is completed, a common response runs somewhere along the lines of “I’m not satisfied with […]
November 2, 2018

The starving baker: serving others effectively by equipping yourself first

Imagine that a baker moves into town and opens a bread-and-bagel shop. A couple of weeks after the shop’s grand opening, you decide to check it […]
November 2, 2018

Column 11.2.18

According to the Business Insider, being a reader has its advantages: better attention span, better ability to empathize with others, less stress and reduced risk of […]
October 25, 2018

Breaking a deafening silence: biblical response to abuse and assault victims

According to the National  Clearinghouse on Family Violence, one in six male children and one in four female children will be sexually assaulted before they turn […]
October 18, 2018

Technology and our everyday life

Technology has become nearly inseparable from daily life.Most of us wake up to the sound of a phone alarm. After hitting snooze, we roll over onto […]
October 12, 2018

Editorial: The Christian’s response to gossip

An all-too-common phenomenon in the conservative Christian community is that of sharing prayer requests or concerns about an individual in a way that is actually gossiping.  […]
October 4, 2018

Appreciating our heroes: faculty, staff

Many of us would probably agree that the best part of BJU is the people—specifically faculty, staff and their families. Last week, The Collegian included its […]
September 28, 2018

How technology is shifting our focus to trivial things, how Christians should respond

Last Tuesday a certain public figure made the “life-changing” discovery of eating milk with her cereal for the first time.  The topic became a headline that […]
April 27, 2018

Editorial: BJU students should serve Greenville

It’s funny the things we remember. The smallest thought, sight or sound can be printed in our minds like a photograph. I remember the tears in […]